July 21, 2018 Hersheypark Patrick Henry, Intern

Since it first opened in 2012 at HersheyPark in Hershey, Pa., Skyrush has earned very high ratings from many different roller coasters enthusiasts. From my experience as a regular visitor of Hershey Park, Skyrush is not only the best roller coaster at Hershey, it is also one of the greatest roller coasters I have ridden at any park.

From the moment you enter the park, you can hear the roars from the ride and the screams of the people on it. And, with its bright yellow color, it’s hard to miss. Because of this, Skyrush catches the eye of almost every visitor of the park. Skyrush is by far the fastest ride at the park, featuring a 200 foot ascent into the sky followed by a 75 mph downhill rush. With four high-speed turns, this ride is pure adrenalin on a 3,600 foot track.

The ride has winged seating -- two seats are suspended on the edge of the sides of the track. The ride begins with a lift up at a very quick pace, much like most newer roller coasters. The track then includes intense full 180 degree turns, and moves well at a high speed.

When I rode it for the first time it was a ride I knew I would never forget. I even got that knotted feeling in my stomach, which is something I rarely get from roller coasters anymore. Skyrush gave me so much thrill that I’m excited to revisit the ride and the park as a whole again.