Episode #1403 - The Keymaster of Gozer

We interview the actor who plays "Louis Tully" in the "Ghostbusters" House at Halloween Horror Nights

October 24, 2019 1 hr 08 min Download (MP3)

Show Notes

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights is generally considered the best Halloween event in the world.

For the 29th edition... they decided to create a house based on the classic 1984 comedy "Ghostbusters."

When the house was announced, Mike and EB BEGGED Universal to include "Louis Tully," the nerdy accountant character played masterfully by Rick Moranis.  They did.

On this week's show, we talk with Jeremy McNaughton, the actor who plays Louis in the Ghostbusters house.

We'll hear some behind-the-scenes stories and find out what it's like to be "The Keymaster."

The guys will also comment on some of the biggest stories in the amusement industry, hear your Live Trip Reports and more!