Episode #1340 - Mike and EB Aren't Hosting This Week

EB's on vacation. So this week, we present a different type of show.

August 1, 2019 45 min Download (MP3)

Show Notes

EB is on vacation this week.

So, instead of going dark, we decided that we would still have a NEW EPISODE for you.  But the episode you'll hear is from someone else's show.

Last April, Mike and EB were guests on "The Lisa Valentine Clark."  It's a nationally syndicated talk show that can be heard of Sirius/XM Satellite radio.

The guys were interviewed about and their thoughts on the theme park and amusement industry.

EB is will also check in from a surprise trip to Six Flags America and Mike will preview next week's discussion about "Pantheon" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and "Epic Universe" at Universal Orlando!