Episode #1311 - OMG: A Name and a Game

Knoebels Amusement Park tells us how they named their rides and a new game show!

December 13, 2018 1 hr 11 min Download (MP3)

Show Notes

We are using this season of the show to determine the greatest roller coaster name of all time. To help us figure out what goes into picking the perfect name, we'll be talking with experts at the parks to hear their stories about how their iconic rides were named. This week, we are joined by Brian Knoebel, co-owner and manager of Knoebels and Stacy Ososkie, public relations director at Knoebels. They will tell us the stories behind the naming of Phoenix, Flying Turns, Twister, Impulse and more!

During our Quick Hits segment, the guys talk about several of this week's most interesting stories in the amusement industry, including:

  • Disneyland canceling Annual Passes for people who buy merch and sell it for a profit
  • Dude gets his wallet back after losing it four years ago at Hersheypark
  • Why is the local news reporting this as a news story?
  • Jaws Shark resurfaces in a Staten Island, NY Chicken Restaurant
  • After that, we'll answer some questions in our MAIL BAG. Then, we'll do our best to win over a listener who left us a bad review.

    Finally, it's time for a BRAND NEW GAME SHOW!