Episode #1218 - The Lives of Millions are at Stake

We're joined by Irvine-Ondrey Engineering to talk about how they make coasters run.

February 1, 2017 1 hr 19 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

This week's show starts off with a sad First Drop. We found out that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has permanently closed their "Curse of DarKastle" ride. The guys talk about why they think this happened and what could be happening in the future.

During our Quick Hits segment, the guys talk about how Mickey Mouse might lose his voice at Disney World. They also discuss new seats on Diamondback at Kings Island, how Atari wants us to pay for RCT on Nitendo Switch, a cool new ride at Tivoli Gardens, a drone video of the new Dive Coaster at Canada's Wonderland and a looping go kart track!

The guys also talk with Ann Irvine and Brian Ondrey of Irvine-Ondrey Engineering. They are the people who design the control systems for some of our favorite rides and attractions. We'll talk to them about the process of designing and installing control systems for roller coasters. We'll also hear about some of the fun they have behind the scenes.

We'll also have the "State of the Union for CoasterRadio!"