Episode #1130 - What Would You Do?

We drop our listeners into a difficult theme park situation and ask "What Would You Do?"

May 18, 2017 58 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

It's a fact of life that rides sometimes get stuck... and sometimes people have to be removed from stalled rides in ways that look dramatic. One park in Australia is battling public perception of these "ride evacs" by releasing a video on Facebook and Twitter. Should American parks consider doing something similar?

We'll also take a look at a cryptic tweet sent out by the General Manager of Cedar Point. Is this a true hint of what's to come? Or does America's Roller Coast enjoy harrassing the fanboys.

In a brand new segment, we put our listeners into a difficult park-related situation and ask "What Would You Do?" The answers are interesting.

We'll also have two Live Trip Reports and share information about a brand new Augmented Reality App!