Episode #1119 - HOT or NOT LIVE!

Debate on whether certain rides, attractions and park-related initiatives are HOT or NOT with real-time audience polling!

February 16, 2017 1 hr 28 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

This week's show kicks off with a First Drop about the Rise and Fall of Disneyquest.The Interactive Indoor Theme Park that was supposed to open with nationwide locations will be closing its doors in July. Why did this concept fail and will we ever see anything like it again?

Then, Mike takes a look at some theme park offers he received in the mail recently and does some "Theme Park Math" with EB to see if the deal is worth it. Would you pay $99 for a beer membership? Would you pay $555 for season-long access to the front of the line of your favorite rides and attractions?

We'll also hear an interview with Adam House, the Senior Design Engineer at Great Coasters International. Kevin and Cincinnati Jon met up with Adam at a local chili establishment to learn about his career and what it's like to design high profile roller coasters for high profile parks.

Finally, we poll the audience in real-time as we decide whether certain aspects of the amusement industry are HOT or NOT!

Thanks for listening to!