Episode #1109 - Thanks and No Thanks

A week before Thanksgiving, we stop to give thanks (and no thanks) for specific rides, parks and attractions.

November 17, 2016 1 hr 1 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

The annual IAAPA Convention is happening in Orlando this week. It's the big gathering of people who are buying and selling anything and everything related to the amusement industry. We'll talk with Dwayne from about what he's seeing on the show floor and what we might expect at the parks during the next decade.

Next up, we talk about how Walt Disney World is beta testing a new program called "Custodial of Tomorrow." This week, janitors in Tomorrowland are being tracked with an mobile device and are being told what trashcans in their immediate area need dumping and what areas in the park need cleaning. We'll talk with a janitor who is on-duty to see how it's working.

Then, we'll hear the opening number from C-Pain's new musical!

Finally, we have this week's interactive converstaion where listeners tell us things they are thankful for and not thankful for at their local parks.