Episode #1031 - Cedar Secrets with Matt Ouimet and Tony Clark

This week features an interview with Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet

May 12, 2016 1 hr. 13 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

The Incredible Hulk is about to ROAR back to life at Islands of Adventure. We'll talk about the new entrance, queue, storyline and sleek coaster trains.

Shanghai Disneyland opens next month, but the park is in soft openings now. That means people are starting to take video of the rides, including Soarin' Over the World, Tron Light Cycle Power Run and the incredible new Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Sunken Treasure. However, Mike isn't thrilled with the quality of the video.

We have a Live Trip Report from Dorney Park and our Park Hopper segment about Enchanted Forest in Oregon!

Finally, we have Kevin and Cincinnati Jon's interview with Cedar Fair's CEO Matt Ouimet and Cedar Point's Director of Communications Tony Clark. Yes, they talk about Valravn, but they also talk about the park itself and what plans they have for 2016 and beyond.

All this and much, much more!