Episode #1309 - Sick of IAAPA

The guys might be feeling under the weather, but they still deliver!

November 29, 2018 56 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

This week's show kicks off with a look at an interesting lawsuit brought against Six Flags over the use of biometrics in the parks. The mother of a park guest is suing the the amusement chain because she claims Six Flags took her son's biometric identifiers (thumbprints) without her permission. The result of the lawsuit will affect how biometrics are used in the parks.

During our Quick Hits segment, the guys talk about several of this week's most interesting stories in the amusement industry, including:

  • Silver Dollar City is doing some interesting construction
  • A look at the actual costs of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
  • Lagoon possibly begins work on "Primordial"
  • Intamin has two amazing coasters for Europe
  • After our MAILBAG segment, we are joined by Dwayne from He and his team were at IAAPA last week covering the 10 miles of exhibits. He'll tell us what was hot in Orlando and what we can expect from the parks in the future!