Episode #1237 - 2019 Rumors and EB Almost Burns Down His House

We take a look at possible roller coasters coming to parks in 2019. Then, EB lights 4th of July fireworks!

July 5, 2018 43 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

Kennywood had been releasing numeric clues related to their 2019 attraction. Mike and EB take a look at nine of the numbers and attempt to decipher the code!

During our Quick Hits segment, the guys talk about several of this week's most interesting stories in the amusement industry, including:

  • Dorney Park's Rumored 2019 Coaster
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain's Rumored 2019 Coaster
  • Carowinds' Rumored 2019 Coaster and their fun teaser campaign
  • Will Canada's Wonderland's new dive coaster break records?
  • Then, it's time for a tradition! "The 2018 Sparktacular Exploosioloosa!"