Episode #1103 - Judge EB: Fury 325 vs. Millennium Force

Enter the chambers of Judge EB as he hears the case of Fury 325 vs. Millennium Force.

October 6, 2016 1 hr 6 minutes Download (MP3)

Show Notes

Halloween is just a few weeks away and we start things up with a bit of a controversy.

Knott's Berry Farm has closed a temporary Halloween attraction due to pressure from mental health advocates. Was it a smart move or were they wrong to bow to political correctness?

We also talk about the new HBO series "Westworld," a show set in a futuristic theme park where anything goes. Is there a chance we could see a real-life version of this someday?

And did you hear that someone's e-cigarette exploded into a fireball aboard the Hogwarts Express at Universal Orlando? We're not so sure the explosion was caused by a guest.

We'll also have two Live Trip Reports from Halloween Horror Nights and find out if their R.I.P. (VIP) tours are worth the expense.

Then, it's time to enter the courtroom of "Judge EB" as two listeners argue the case of "Fury 325 vs. Millennium Force!" Each listener will try to convince "His Honor" that their particular favorite coaster is #1!

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